Opportunities to Connect Beyond Sundays

Looking for space to connect with others beyond Sundays?

Here are a few opportunities to gather and grow with others.

For Kids

The Kids Crossing is our Kids ministry where school age kids can enjoy a space to learn before our worship gatherings*


NOTE: We are suspending this space temporarily due to CoVid and will re-evaluate in early 2021.

On Sundays

Because one of our values is helping people become more comfortable swimming in their bibles, we have a space right after morning worship on Sundays where all ages are invited to circle up for 15-20 minutes to share thoughts and questions from the morning message!

NOTE: We are suspending this space during Christmas and will resume in January 2021.

One of the ways we seek to grow beyond Sundays is through our discipleship structure known as a "D3" circle.  It is built on 3 "D's": Discuss (or discover), Discern, and Disciple.  These smaller groups of 3 are spaces where you set the pace with your group members by meeting once or twice a month on your own time to read Scripture and ask: Where is Jesus at work in my life right now?  What situations is He using?  What is He shaping in me?  

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